Video Editing Project

Car 2 Car Sizzle Reel | Todd Biss Productions

Project Features

My Roles In The Project

  • Video Editing
  • After Effects Elements
  • Original Music Creation
  • Sound FX & Sound Design
  • Audio Production

Tools used

The Tools Used To Complete This Project

The video and audio were edited in After Effects. The original music track was produced in Logic Pro X.

Project Description

Todd Biss Productions was putting together a sizzle reel of their incredible automobile footage. As specialist when it comes to capturing fast paced auto footage they wanted to show off this footage to show their capabilities. I was able to assist in the final edit and especially add lighting effects and transition effects to add intensity and motion to the edit

They were in need of an original piece of music. I was able to create a dynamic track in Logic Pro X that was the exact style they were looking for. I was also able to piece in sound effects that brought the roar of the engines to life.

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